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The Big Problem: Your marketing is not making you money
You have an amazing talent that you want to share with the world. When people work with you they get more than results, they get a transformation.

If you've ever asked yourself, why does marketing have to be so hard? If you've ever wished the money would "just come in" so you can concentrate on the task at hand. 

Promoting your service or product can feel like a roller coaster, or at worst, a necessary evil. 


Most entrepreneurs are not equipped with the right system to convert their knowledge into recurring income. 

They find themselves confused, frustrated or fed up by all the experts, gurus, and information that's just floating on the web, and nothing seems to fit together.

You are not alone.

You have poured countless hours into marketing your services or your products. 

You are now feeling overwhelmed, buying course after course, following podcasts and gurus, going to seminars; and the more you do this, the more frustrated and overwhelmed you get and... the further behind you feel

Let's change that today!
Your Guide, Liz Pineda
My Name is Liz Pineda and I understand the unique set of challenges facing entrepreneurs who sell their services or products online.

As a marketing consultant, I've advised numerous entrepreneurs and thought leaders, including Mike Kim, Jeff Bullas and Kary Oberbrunner to name a few. Most of my days are spent helping entrepreneurs building high converting funnels.

So why offer a Borrow My Brain Call? Because I love when people are in their element and marketing just works for them. 

I understand the unique challenges of overwhelm, indecision and stuckness that happens when you’re not sure what to say so people buy, what piece goes where -- and I'm excited to help you get your high-performing funnel launched once and for all. 

I believe in you!
Liz Pineda, Sales Funnel Performance Expert
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If you have an established business with existing sales and expertise, but do not yet have a high-performing/automated/scalable lead generation systems, this is your opportunity to get clear and get growing!

The cost of a session is $1297

Mike Kim, Brand Strategist and Business Coach

"Liz built a funnel for me that generated over a 5 to 1 ROI on ad spend. She's the absolute best"

Kary Oberbrunner, Published Author, Coach and Founder of Igniting Souls

"Liz Pineda is the triple threat to the business world. After hiring her, we saw tremendous gains in our influence, impact, and income. 
Whatever we threw her way, she cracked the code and solved the mystery. She brings a serious dose of clarity, competence, confidence."

Jody Maberry, New Media Consultant and Podcaster

"Working with Liz was better than I could have imagined. Her expertise helped us set up a high performing sales funnel that allowed us to spread the word about our product, sell more, and serve more people. Liz is a delight to work with, explained every step of the process, and took care of all the details. I recommend Liz to anyone looking to use a sales funnel to make an impact.""
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